All goals from all EURO2020 matches and the scorelines, minute-by-minute.


Configurable grammar for visualization components

COVID-19 Situation in Thailand

A report of COVID-19 situation in Thailand based on open dataset, updated daily

Simulate the political party combination to form the government of Thailand
Thailand Election Simulator

Simulate the political party combination to form the government of Thailand

How Can I Drink Bubble Tea Without Finishing the Tea Before the Bobas?
Boba Science

How Can I Drink Bubble Tea Without Finishing the Tea Before the Bobas?

Guess companies from the colors

A simple game to demonstrate the values of user interaction logs.

Winter is here

Encode #GoT characters as snowflakes and revisit the most discussed moment for them.

Vega Desktop

A desktop client for viewing data visualizations created via Vega and Vega-Lite.


An open-source library for novel text visualization technique

International Migrants & Refugees

from each country's point of view, based on @UNICEF data


Weave the world with messy lines


The Goals of EURO 2016

Game of Thrones

How every #GameOfThrones episode has been discussed on Twitter


Award-winning terrible piece carefully created for @visualisingdata's contest

Twitter 10 years

Twitter Turns 10: How Tweets spread across the world

Standings Tracer

Visually explore ranking changes in football/soccer seasons

Oscars 2016

Ranking the nominees by amount of conversation on Twitter

Road to #SB50

A streamgraph of Twitter activity during the NFL playoffs


Flow of Tweets when github was down based on the FluxFlow algorithm

d3Kit Timeline

A timeline component that labels do not overlap

Grid Map Quality

Quality metrics for Grid Map and a case study comparing layouts from 6 publishers

Create a custom Grid Map

A semi-automatic approach for creating a custom grid map


A library for placing labels on a timeline without overlap

#NFL fans on Twitter

#NFL2014: where are your team's followers?

Game of Tweets

In the Game of Tweets, you tweet or you die.

History of Champions League Finals

All European Cup and UEFA Champions League Finals since 1956, visualized.


A set of simple tools to speed up visualization development with D3.js

Premier League fans on Twitter

@PremierLeague: where are your club's followers?

D3's Data Binding

My attempt to visualize and explain D3's selection

#NBA fans on Twitter

#NBA: where are your team's followers?

Flying Sessions

Visual analytics tool for analyzing Twitter user activities

Scribe Radar

Visual analytics tool for monitoring and exploring log events at Twitter

Replay #WorldCup2014 on Twitter

Relive the entire #WorldCup with this visualization of Twitter data.

New Year 2014

Tweeting Happy New Year around the World

UEFA Champions League

Games, Goals and Tweets

Ben & Muu+'s Wedding Site

My wedding website

European Bubbles

Visualizing the European Financial Crisis

The Moviesualization

Interactive collection of movies

Minerals of the World

Learn about benefits and future of minerals


Exploring Flow, Factors and Outcomes of Event Sequences


Understanding Millions of Event Sequences in a Million Pixels


Network Stack Visualization


Incidents Clustering Explorer


Visualizing Aggregations of Patient Cohorts


Exploring Clusters in Geospatial Datasets


Heap Usage Visualization for Multi-thread


Query Similar Event Sequences by Example


School Application Organizer

Mission Possible

Speech Preparation and Synthesis Application for Thai Language


RoboCup Soccer Team

E-Zzz Poll

Mobile Questionnaire System