ICE (2009)

Incidents Clustering Explorer

Project screenshot


Transportation systems are being monitored at an unprecedented scope which is resulting in tremendously detailed traffic and incident databases. While the transportation community emphasizes developing standards for storing this incident data, little effort has been made to design appropriate visual analytics tools to explore the data, extract meaningful knowledge, and represent results. Analyzing these large multivariate geospatial datasets is a non-trivial task. A novel, web-based, visual analytics tool called ICE (Incident Cluster Explorer) is proposed as an application that affords sophisticated yet user-friendly analysis of transportation incident datasets. Interactive maps, histograms, two-dimensional plots and parallel coordinates plots are four featured visualizations that are integrated together to allow users to simultaneously interact with and see relationships between multiple visualizations.


Krist Wongsuphasawat and Michael Pack


Center for Advanced Transporation Technology Lab, University of Maryland