28 Apr 2021

Guest lecture and mini workshop on Data Visualization Libraries in Dr. Alark Joshi's Data Visualization class at University of San Francisco.

27 Oct 2020

Presented "Encodable: Configurable Grammar for Visualization Components" (Best Paper Honorable Mention) at IEEE VIS 2020.

8 Apr 2020

Gave a guest lecture in Dr. Marti Hearst's Data Visualization class at UC Berkeley.

11 Jan 2019

Gave a guest lecture in Dr. Puripant Rujikajorn's Data Visualization class at Chulalongkorn University.

20 Nov 2018

Become Apache Superset Committer.

9 Sep 2017

Gave a guest lecture in Dr. Adam Perer's class at the University of Pennsylvania (remotely).

13 Jul 2017

Published an interactive for the Game of Thrones season 7 premiere "Winter is here".

29 Sep 2016

Co-present BkkViz, visualizations of Bangkok open data in "SleepOver#5: YouPin - Viz City Series" at The Reading Room, Bangkok.

29 Sep 2016

Gave a talk "Storytelling with data" at Chulalongkorn University in an event hosted by Faculty of Communication Arts and Faculty of Engineering.

9 Jun 2016

Gave a talk at D3 Bay Area User Group Meetup, hosted by Andreessen Horowitz in Menlo Park, CA

1 Jun 2016

Published an interactive about Game of Thrones and was featured on Entertainment Weekly, The Next Web, Gizmodo, Flowingdata and many other publishers around the world: USA, UK, Germany, Czech, Portugal, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

19 Apr 2016

Won the contest to design #BestWorstViz held by @visualisingdata

11 Apr 2016

Gave a guest lecture in Prof. Marti Hearst's Information Visualization class at UC Berkeley

21 Mar 2016

Published an interactive for Twitter 10th birthday and was featured on Mashable

17 Mar 2016

Gave a guest lecture in Prof. Rahul Basole's Information Visualization class at Georgia Tech (remotely)

24 Feb 2016

Published an interactive for Oscars 2016 and was featured on Entertainment Weekly

5 Jan 2016

Published a blog post "Visually explore funnels of user activities" on Twitter Engineering Blog

2 Dec 2015

Open source Labella.js, a library for placing labels on a timeline without overlap.

10 Nov 2015

Gave a guest lecture in Prof. David Gotz's Information Visualization class at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (remotely)

21 Oct 2015

Game of Tweets was publicly displayed Twitter #Flight Conference.

17 Jun 2015

Gave a talk at "Big Data Visualization - South Bay" Meetup, hosted by CA Technologies in Santa Clara, CA

4 Jun 2015

Open source d3Kit, a set of simple tools to speed up visualization development with D3.js

16 Jan 2015

Gave a talk in the event "CodeMania X2: Data Science 101" at Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University. Videos from the session are on YouTube.

22 Oct 2014
13 Oct 2014

Presentation "Data Visualization at Twitter" was featured on the Slideshare homepage. screenshot

9 Jun 2014

Interviewed by Digilife.tv by @spin9. See video on YouTube.

10 Apr 2014

Presentation "From Data to Visualization, what happens in between?" was featured on the Slideshare homepage. Screenshots #1 #2 #3

3 Jan 2014

Interviewed by Nation Radio FM 90.5 MHz Bangkok.

1 Jan 2014

"Tweeting Happy New Year around the World", a visualization of new year celebration on Twitter was published on Twitter blog and featured on The Guardian, Mashable, Flowingdata, visual.ly, etc.

1 Nov 2013

Interviewed by Marketeer Magazine (Vol.14 No.165 November 2013) in column "Highway to Silicon Valley". (image)

24 May 2013

"Road to Wembley 2013: Games, Goals and Tweets", a visualization of Twitter data for the UEFA Champions League Final was published on the Twitter UK Blog and featured on visual.ly.

20 Jan 2013

Interviewed by Bangkok Business News TV in Thailand for the "Business Talk" program. View the clip here.

10 Jul 2012

Interviewed by the Nation newspaper in Thailand for the column "Byteline & Technology". View the article here.

16 Dec 2011

"European Bubbles", won the interactive category in the data visualization challenge "Money Panic" held by informationisbeaultifulawards.com

20 Nov 2011

Slides from my talks are now available on slideshare.net.

17 Oct 2011
28 Jun 2011

Interviewed by the Office of Science and Technology at the Royal Thai Embassy, Washington DC [ English | Thai ]